Online Divorce Florida

Online divorce Florida is a legal process that allows spouses to file for dissolution of marriage without the assistance of a lawyer. This type of divorce is ideal for couples who are in complete agreement about their marital issues, have no children or property and meet Florida residency requirements.

A couple who chooses to use an online divorce service will fill out a questionnaire that is designed to collect all relevant information about their case. The system then uses that information to generate all of the court-required divorce forms. The process normally takes less than 30 minutes and is very simple. The online divorce service will also provide useful hints to help users avoid common mistakes that can cause delays. The completed paperwork is then available for download in just two business days.

Using an online divorce service can save spouses a lot of money and time. It can also be less stressful than trying to handle the process on their own. However, it is important for spouses to realize that online divorce services only handle uncontested divorce cases. To qualify for this, both parties must agree about their assets, debts and child-related issues. In addition, one of the spouses must be a resident of Florida for six months prior to filing.

If a couple chooses to hire an attorney for their online divorce, the process typically begins with a confidential attorney-client meeting that is held by video conference or telephone. This initial meeting is a very important part of the divorce process and helps determine whether the case can be handled by an uncontested divorce or if a contested divorce will be necessary. The attorney can also discuss any other issues related to the divorce, such as child custody or property division, and advise spouses about what to expect.

Non-lawyer websites that offer Online divorce Florida services may claim to have low fees, but they often provide incomplete or inaccurate paperwork. In some cases, it can take spouses weeks to correct the mistakes on their own and re-file the incorrect documents. These sites may also fail to include all of the required information or miss important deadlines.

An online divorce attorney service will ensure that all of the necessary divorce forms are included and that they contain accurate information. They will also review all of the details of the case to make sure that it meets Florida requirements. They can also assist with any other requirements that may be applicable, such as the requirement that married couples with children attend a parenting class before filing for divorce. A good online divorce attorney service will offer a free consultation and guarantee their work. This will give spouses peace of mind that their divorce will be processed in a timely manner. They will also be able to provide the spouses with a copy of their final judgment of dissolution of marriage within 30 days of filing. This is a much shorter timeline than what you would get with a non-lawyer website.