Green Theatre goes by many names

It is called ecological theatre or ecotheatre, sustainable theatre, environmental theatre or even recycled theatre. Each term can refer to either the practice of producing plays that educate and promote ecology, or it can refer to sustainable and ecological practices that go into the making, of any production. The discussion on this site primarily concerns the latter definition, but feel free to discuss ecologically oriented dramatic literature or ecodrama in the forums as well.

This site is meant to be a resource for anyone who is attempting to practice sustainable theatre–especially in schools. I am compiling resource lists, posted a bulletin board type forum, writing/collecting some articles, and links, but best of all, is nice to gather and know there are others who are working toward the same ends. When I began this project, my hope was that my little theater would become a model green theater.  I thought that with some research, it would be clear what direction to take and that fellow theater educators, being the intelligent, logical people they are, would see the reason in pursuing sustainability. All I can say in defense of my naivety is that I am an optimist at heart and if I was not, perhaps I would not keep trying.  As anyone who has strove toward sustainability in theater can attest—there are a few hurdles.

One of the difficulties is that many of the common practices for being ‘green’, still come at a price for the environment. That can make it hard to really know what the best course of action is. What we often end up doing is what McDonough and Braungart call in Cradle to Cradle, “being less bad,” but it is still bad.  What I would like to explore in these pages is how to make theatre that is good for the environment–or sustainable theater.  Many of the products we need to accomplish this goal, don’t even exist yet. As I mentioned, I am an optimist.  Please join the discussion.

New Doings… update for Fall 2010

It is another busy fall–I am designing and teaching at College of the Siskiyous, I am teaching stage makeup again for SOU’s Theatre Department and still finishing up that pesky thesis. Unfortunately, I still have had no time to develope this site further… but I will very soon. I am going to update to a better forum program when I do and concentrate on my experteeze-costuming. Along those lines, I have been working on a costume stock management book for small theaters with tips on how to organize stock, do a better job of costuming a cast, with less work while being ecologically minded. Hopefully I will be able to release that as an e-book in the near future.

I love that ecological awareness has taken off these past few years–so many more resources are available. If you have stumbled upon this site in your search for creating greener theater, please visit the Center for Sustainability in the Arts… A fabulous resource with its hand on the pulse of the movement…