Benefits Of Using Yamaha NP32 Keyboards

Yamaha NP32

Classic tone in an all-phone, compact keyboard – the Yamaha NP32 is a perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. Designed around all the important elements that make you focused on playing, the Yamaha NP32 portable keyboards really focus on your inspiration and enjoyment of playing an acoustic piano and add the pure, unadulterated tone of one of the best grand pianos which Yamaha has produced. So why is it so different? Well, there are some big differences…

Yamaha’s VP series and VP piano keyboards are very similar in many respects to the NP series. They both have the exquisite tone and dynamics of a grand piano. But they are much more compact than their larger cousins and are made for more portable usage. The other big difference between the two is the number of keys that are available on the keyboards. While the older models (which were the cheapest) had 75 note keys, the newer ones have 76. This may not seem like a huge difference, but when you are constantly moving from one place to another, or just sitting at home, having the ability to quickly move to the piano and bring your keys with you makes your daily life much easier!

The Yamaha NP32 features the all-important five-way hand contact that is present on all of the other models of the NP series. A series of specially chosen keys makes up for the lack of finger contact, making the keys much more tactile and responsive than any other keyboard. What’s more is that the light weight of the Yamaha NP32 allows you to slide your fingers along the keys much easier than any other keyboard. In fact, the lightness of the keys means that you don’t need much pressure to strike the keys – a feature that the other brands are lacking. In short, the Yamaha NP32 is light enough to be comfortable to use, yet surprisingly firm for great key response and sound quality.

If you have always wanted an acoustic piano without all the frills, then the Yamaha NP32 is perfect for you. Its light weight makes it extremely convenient to bring around wherever you may need it, while its five-way hand mechanism allows for precise and consistent piano playing. Its lightness also means that it is far more convenient to play with, as you won’t be struggling to find a comfortable position to sit down at! Also, with regards to sound quality, the Yamaha pianos of today feature what is known as True Key technology. With this technology, the sounds produced by the instruments are pure digital, with no noise distortion or additional noise effects. This is why the Yamaha NP32 and other various models of the NP series keyboards focus on providing an exquisite tone through its true Key technology – allowing for clear, natural sounding instrumentals that come at a fraction of the price of traditional pianos.