Adeptus Environmental Consultants

Adeptus Environmental Consultants is a specialist group based at Manchester in the north-west of England and as their name suggests they are experts in advising on environmental issues relating to pollution, regulation, sustainability and safety. They are the leading professional bodies in the UK, representing more than 40 companies from a wide variety of industries.

The Adeptus Consultancy has many members who are both industry and non-industry trained and experienced in environmental policy. They are members of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in its National Environmental Strategy and have been a member of The Independent Petroleum Association since 1998. These members and advisers work closely with other key personnel in various departments within the organisation such as Finance, Corporate and PR, Strategy and Development, Operations and Customer Service.

Adeptus is one of the UK’s leading professional organisations providing advice on issues surrounding sustainable development, climate change, waste management and water management. Their aim is to build up businesses and organisations in a sustainable and responsible way, supporting them through policy formulation, development and implementation, public awareness raising and monitoring and advice on the development of new policy proposals, as well as advice on sustainability and planning. The company also provides training in these areas, including:

Other specialisms provided by Adeptus include:

In addition to its specialist advisory services, Adeptus offers a range of consultancy projects designed to provide a range of tailored solutions to specific problems within a business or organisation. These include:

The Adeptus Environmental Consultancy is funded by The British Chambers of Commerce. It was formed in 1994 and is an independent company registered with the Companies House.

Adeptus is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive, cost-effective, impartial, and responsive advice and assistance across all of its areas of expertise. Its dedicated and highly qualified advisers and staff regularly engage in ongoing and extensive research and analysis.

All of the experts working for Adeptus are fully registered members of the Institute of Directors and are members of an international regulatory body, the International Assessors Federation of the Environment and Sustainable Development (IAFF). They are also members of a number of other international professional bodies and they are accredited by the Professional Body of Energy Regulators.

Adeptus provides its clients with an array of services including:

At Adeptus we believe that the knowledge, experience and resources of its experts to make it the best environmental consultancy company in the UK. We provide our clients with expert guidance, assistance, and the opportunity to grow, develop and progress within an environment of continual learning and growth.